Birdie Meals: 5-Minute Videos for 10-Minute Meals!
The "I Don't Cook" Cooking Series by Chef Birdie
5-Minute Videos for 10-Minute Meals

These recipes and cooking aides are dedicated to everyone claiming he or she "can't cook" — or have other excuses for too much junk food dining!

BirdieMeals are cheap, healthy, easy and DELICIOUS!

Chef Birdie has been offering cooking help to thousands of "non-cookers" for decades. Her background in nutrition and international recipes, as well as her years in the skin care and general well-being fields, will help you make delicious, healthy dishes — simply and quickly!

Also, Chef Birdie's "I Don't Cook" Cookbook will be available soon. So check back often. In the meantime, enjoy these videos and please tell your friends!

Meal #1 — Grilled Salmon & Asparagus

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